What I did

Product Owner | Agile Coach @ BrandLoyalty

  • Ad Interim Product Owner of several products & services within the Consumer & Business Intelligence department of BrandLoyalty. Mostly working on the development of a central Self Service Business Intelligence Framework (both Front- and Back-end).
  • Introducing and implementing Agile & Scrum in several business intelligence teams including management.

Associated Complex Problem Solver | Trainer @ CoThink

  • Facilitating teams in solving complex problems, both technical and human in nature. (problem analysis, risk analysis, decision making)
  • I train and coach operations managers, problem-, incident- and change-managers, (service) delivery managers, facilitators, process managers and many others in skills such as: complex problem solving, crisis management, risk analysis, effective and efficient decision making.

Resultaatprofessional @ Satello

  • Agile Coach
  • Product Owner

For public speaking etc. see my blogs. My full resume: LinkedIn