Ownership. It’s all about Truth AND Dare

When it comes to ownership (be it Product Ownership or something else) it’s not about Truth OR Dare, it’s about Truth AND Dare.

First things first. Truth.

  1. Don’t lie. Don’t lie about the status of your product, service, application, team, company, etc. Tell the truth and show which steps you’re taking to improve and which challenges are ahead.
  2. Don’t make promises you can’t keep (so that in the future they become lies). Don’t sell products or services that you are not sure of that can be made. Don’t commit to finishing something by a certain date when you already know you won’t make it.
  3. Walk the talk. Do what you say and say what you do.

“But Jaap, sometimes you need to take a risk, you need to be bold and take a change or you’ll end up nowhere!”

True, so Dare, dare to take a risk, dare to take that next step, dare to take that decision without having all the information.

And be open about it. Make sure it’s an educated risk you’re taking. Make your assumptions explicit. Describe your hypotheses and the ways to validate them. Now you’re also the owner of the consequences of your actions and that’s true ownership.