Clar&Done Interim+

Set up for structural improvements of your organisation, department(s) and/or teams by tackling the complex and sometimes chaotic challenges ahead. That’s what I do. More results with your teams with fewer processes, happier teams and a less complex ways of working. That’s what I love.


I show by doing. I take ownership. Immediately.

This usually means I take an ad interim role in the organisation AND advise and show management how to improve and get results.

I will not stay forever. In an interim role, I’m the quartermaster for the one(s) who will take over after me. I make things clear, set things up, get things done, handover and move on. You are not stuck with me and shouldn’t be.

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Past roles

  • Agile Coach
  • Transition or Transformation Manager
  • Product Manager / Owner
  • Operations Manager
  • General IT Swiss Army Knife

Feel free to contact me and see how I can help.