Clear&Done coaching
  • Are you a Product Owner and/or Product Manager and want to level up your skills?
  • Got a PO certificate and want to get started, but don’t know how?
  • Only have personal budget for your development and need more than just another course where there’s no additional time for your personal development


Coaching is what you want. No classrooms, just one-on-one time to start working on your challenges as a Product Owner/Manager. We will work together and let you experience what true (Product) ownership means. We work with your challenges as a Product Owner/Manager and what we do has an immediate effect in your work.

How it works

  • Based on an intake we will work on a coaching plan together
  • We do sessions of 45-50 min coaching, tackling one or more of your challenges each time at a pace you want
  • We have regular small retro’s on the plan to adjust
  • We use your own systems and tooling

What we will not do

  • Introducing a lot of theoretical frameworks, concepts and ideas that do not fit your way of working
  • Using other tools then you use within your company if it’s not necessary

Indication of your investment

For 15 sessions (and the intake of course) the costs are € 1.495,- ex BTW/VAT

For Companies

If you as a company are interested to know more on coaching for multiple PO’s/PM’s, just contact me and have a chat about the possibilities.

Contact me for more information.