How to work together | Management by Youtube

Chokes me up every time. Explains it all. Well almost.

This week, we used this video at the start of a kickoff meeting with a new team. We used it for inspiration on how to work together, to establish a WoW (no, not World of Warcraft), Way of Working, without too many rules, regulations, processes, measurements and accountability.

After showing the video, everyone was silent for a minute. Then, two things happened. Everyone in the room got in the right spirit. Secondly, there were some questions of course, especially about accountability. 

Actually, from my point of view, the best question was about the difference between the relay-team and real life. In real-life, different team members actually have different skills and things they are working on. So how will runner 1 learn about the work of runner 3 if they are working on different things? Or better what if the team is a triathlon team where swimmer 1 needs to know what runner 3 is doing? Any thoughts?