“Let’s get things clear and get things done”

If you do what you did, you get what you got. I can help out…

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How I can help

Solving problems and improving you do together as a team. An outside view can help, but just giving advise won’t do. You need someone that remains objective but still actually helps day to day in getting things clear and getting things done, whatever it is.

(Agile) coach

Preferably, I combine this role with a role in a team such as Product Owner. In this way I’m fully connected with the business and can still help out in lifting the Agile way of working to the next level. I’m specialized in helping out several teams at once and helping C-level executives in making the transition. It includes:

  • Giving training/workshops (teams, management, C-level)
  • Strategy sessions
  • Coaching of team members (scrum masters, product owners etc.)
  • Coaching from start-up to scale-up
  • Coaching management in letting things go

Product Owner

Not permanently, but just to fix things as an interim Product Owner for several months if the current way of working isn’t working at all, the backlog is a mess, the team is unproductive, etc. With the team and the stakeholders I clear things up, improve the way of working, get things going and hand it over to the permanent Product Owner.


I help solve complex problems. Not by giving the solution, but by helping the team figure it out themselves. I provide structure, get things clear, make things visual and aid in getting things done.

  • Complex problem solving
  • Setting a team up from vision to day-to-day operations


  • MC/chairman at conferences
  • Public speaker on all aspects of solving complex problems with teams

Let’s talk!

What I did

Agile Coach | Product Owner Data & BI @ Fontem Ventures (present)

  • Coaching Fontem Ventures in their Agile transition
  • Interim Product Owner of Data & BI, giving the insights Fontem needs and creating a Self ServiceĀ BI Platform for all markets.

Agile Coach @ Fujitsu (present)

  • Helping Fujitsu transition several client facing infrastructure teams to an Agile mindset and Scrum way of working.
    – Training/Coaching teams in adoption of Agile/Scrum
    – Part of transition team on strategic/tactic/operational level
    – Stakeholder management
    – Translating traditional ITIL processes to new way of working without loosing the correct compliancy and security measures and processes in place

Product Owner | Agile Coach @ BrandLoyalty

  • Ad Interim Product Owner of several products & services within the Consumer & Business Intelligence department of BrandLoyalty. Mostly working on the development of a central Self Service Business Intelligence Framework (both Front- and Back-end).
  • Introducing and implementing Agile & Scrum in several business intelligence teams including management.

Associated Complex Problem Solver | Trainer @ CoThink

  • Facilitating teams in solving complex problems, both technical and human in nature. (problem analysis, risk analysis, decision making)
  • I train and coach operations managers, problem-, incident- and change-managers, (service) delivery managers, facilitators, process managers and many others in skills such as: complex problem solving, crisis management, risk analysis, effective and efficient decision making.

Resultaatprofessional @ Satello

  • Agile Coach
  • Product Owner

For public speaking etc. see my blogs. My full resume: LinkedIn